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I figured, how far could you coast on charm? Well, pretty far, actually!

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Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Who could it be? Believe it or not its just me: Ladies' man, man's man, man about town. A good man, and thorough.

A high plains drifter, heartbreaker, and life taker, handy with the steel (if you know what I mean), regulating the streets to earn my keep. The very butcher of a silk button, a gentleman of the very first house of the first and second cause. More powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk put together. You ever heard of Slaughterhouse Five? Well, that was me and four other guys.

Words of Wisdom:

"Speed kills, yo!"

"Claim victory in your heart and the universe will follow."

"Happiness is when you think, 'Its great to be alive!'."

Okay, you want to actually know something somewhat substantive about me? I'm the boy who never grew up, still playing video games and still into guns, cool cars, and hot girls. And if it wasn't obvious I'm all about TV and movies. So you're more likely to find entertainment gossip and summaries/commentaries/reviews of various TV shows and movies than stuff about my actual life.

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